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  Hannah E. Rowe/Illustrator


The Opportunity: Hannah was offered a professional contract with Positively Publishing Kids to illustrate our first title. This is a unique opportunity for a teenager. This provided her with a chance to create income for herself through book sales. Last, but certainly not least, to be an integral part of our important mission, to help close the diversity gap in kids books. 

Why we chose Hannah: Hannah has spent countless hours honing her craft. Through some personal struggles she has used Art, as therapy. We could not think of a better way to turn your passion into a positive tool to move through struggles and improve your life. We love and admire Hannah's dedication and determination. That is why we chose her to be our very first illustrator.

Title: "Who Do You Think I Am?"

Age:  18

Ethnicity:  American and Puerto Rican.  I'm a "Quarter Rican", according to my family.

Location:  Hudson County, New Jersey.

School:  KAS Prep (Alternative HS).

Favorite Book: “The Secret of the Old Clock”, Nancy Drew.

What Artist has inspired you the most? Van Gough.

How long have you been drawing? Since I was very little and first picked up a crayon.

Personal obstacles:  I have struggled in school for a really long time. It has been really frustrating. I always wanted to do good but being depressed made it really hard.

What obstacle have you overcome:  The past year I have been doing a lot better in school and the depression has gotten better. I didn’t think I would finish high school, but that has changed. I am behind for someone my age but, I will graduate this year and it feels really good.

How was your experience illustrating this book?  Art is a very big part of my life and Art therapy has helped me deal with some of my issues. I have been drawing since I was around five but, kids themes are not typically what I draw. So this was very different for me. It was a really good experience. It made me aware of the lack of diversity in kid’s books. To know that my art work could possibly help another kid feel like they belong makes me feel really good.  I'm really excited to see the finished product!

What kind of world would you like to live in? In a world where everyone can get along.

What is one thing you wish adults knew? I wish adults knew that we have good ideas too.

What is one piece of advice can give the world? Just be yourself.

What will you do with your royalties?  Save for my future.

What are your plans for the future?  Going to college and studying graphic design.

To see more of Hannah’s artwork please go to: http://hannahroweart.wix.com/hannaheroweart.



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