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Welcome Leanna!

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Meet Leanna, our newest illustrator!

Age: 17

Story: The Thunder Monsters

Release date: Summer 2017 (tentative)

Favorite subject: Art 

Favorite foodMac and cheese, baby back ribs and sushi

Pet Peeve: When people watch me work on art

What inspires you: Nature, other people's minds, my future

Who inspires you: No one in particular

When did you start drawing: Super young

What do you like about drawing: The working toward a final piece

Have you ever noticed a lack of diversity in kids books: Yes!

If yes, when: In all forms of media, it tends to be white characters: I could never say I "look" like someone. 

Has the lack of diversity in kids books impacted you in any way: I felt left out because I couldnt really relate to books and characters and in particular the home life of characters.

What do you think the impact is of having such a lack of diverse booksRepresentation is important and it makes it more difficult for kids to connect. 

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