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View from the ground

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View from the ground

When my daughters left home in July, I not only felt the sorrow and heaviness of their absence, but the mourning of things undone. All of those things as a parent you think you will do tomorrow. 

Well guess what? 

Time's up. 

Let that sink in for a minute....

No need to share my list of things undone. Just trust me when I tell you, it is too long for this 500 word blog.

Thankfully, I didn't mess it all up. There are at least two things I did fairly well, playing and reading.

My son Jaime is 27 years old. He is living his own life now and has been for a while. When he was little, he always wanted to play. Being an only child for six years, I was his entertainment. Plus, he stole my heart, what can I say.

Playing usually consisted of GI-Joe's battling over the forces of good and evil. I was the evil force. He was the benevolent ruler, laden with instructions on how I was to play. It always cracked me up! It was inevitable that my GI-Joe would wind up mangled under a pile of heroes that he lead to victory! When I would ask him why I had to be the bad guy, he never had an answer. He would just hand me another GI-Joe and keep making exploding noises. He was so cute!

My 21 year old twins, Hannah and Maisy, had no need for a playmate. They had each other. Thankfully they did need me for reading! Good Night Moon was a favorite. I read it so many times I didn't need to look at the book, I just had to turn the pages at the right moment. There was Olivia The Pig, Angelina Ballerina, Little Miss Spider and So Many Bunnies. We certainly read the crap out of that one!!

“Read it again Mommy” they were so incredibly cute, smart and sweet! Their tiny little bodies snuggled right up next to mine. When I close my eyes, I can still feel them right next to me. Pure joy!

I would give anything to have one day back with each of them right now. A day to get on the ground with them, roll around, play, read or whatever came with it. Not because I feel guilty, but because I enjoyed it and I enjoyed them so much.

So why not enjoy the view from the ground with your kids today?

Play with them, read to them. Just be present and hold space with them. Even if you are busy, trust me, it can wait.....

Time doesn't wait, it marches on and takes your babies with it.

When the day comes and they walk out the door for good, that laundry, deadline, dishes, boss or whatever, wont be there to comfort you. It will be the things you did right, the things you feel good about. The times that you really enjoyed them that will carry you through.



Maisy, Jaime and Hannah, 2001 

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