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I'm back!

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Sometimes people change.

Sometimes you are replaced.

Sometimes you walk away.

Sometimes marriages end.

Sometimes you hurt, like you have never hurt.

Sometimes you pick up and leave everything behind.

Sometimes you find yourself in a different state, unsure of your next steps.

Sometimes your life and business are on hold.

Sometimes you have to sit quiet, in your uncertainty.

Sometimes you let go of someone you loved.

Sometimes you close one door.

Sometimes, unexpectedly, another door opens.

Sometimes you meet someone and they call you a Yankee.

Sometimes you get a reason to smile again.

Sometimes that person tells you to buck up and get it together.

Sometimes you listen.

And so here I am.

Bluffton, South Carolina, starting over.

Working at a Starbucks, serving up some drinks.

Is this moving forward?

In some way, it feels like I'm going backwards.

It's not what had pictured for my life. Yet, some of the best things in this life are things you never could have foreseen.

So Im rolling with it, knowing that this is just another pit stop on the journey.

Who knows what or who it will bring into my life?

I'm open to all of the positive and goodness this life has to offer.

My dream and vision for Positively Publishing Kids, remains unchanged.

The south, like any other, is a great place to promote diverse books. And a fabulous place to provide opportunities for kids to express themselves artistically and create income for themselves.

I can't wait to see what the future holds and I have already met some amazing kids!

I guess Positively Publishing Kids works anywhere. That makes me one fortunate woman.

Much of the work I had done over the past few years, connecting with people, building relationships, working with schools and the community, growing roots, all has to be done again.

I have to start over, but that is okay.

I realized the other day, that in my personal life and business, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

So, I have started planting seeds here, reaching out to schools, meeting new people, talking about my business to strangers, working on some marketing. Books two and three are still being worked on.

Doing what needs to be done.

I am so glad to be back and focused, doing what I love to do!

peace and love


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